showbox app android tablet

Showbox app android tablet and phone are you sick of the ads on showbox. Well this is one of the most common problem for showbox users like us.

What is showbox

It is an android application used for streaming services like netflix and Hulu.
But the major difference is that you don’t need to pay any kind of subscription fees, not even registration.
What I can watch on showbox
Well you can watch TV shows of all genres and languages.
Including English arabic Spanish Korean and all other major languages.

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Download Showbox Apk

Features of showbox

Best quality videos

Showbox provides best videos quality for all TV shows and movies.

It provides movies in hd ultra hd, also in 4k.


It has a great ui and feel with a great speed which works on all Versions of android


Why showbox app tablet & Alternatives of it

There are many alternatives of showbox including terrarium tv and popcorn time.
But then what makes all the difference.
Showbox have made the ui lightening fast user interface.
With all other features like less bugs, zero frame drops and a lot more.
How do showbox earns money
Showbox don’t charge any subscription fees, thus the only possible way of making money is advertisments.
showbox app android tablet and phones shows adverts sponsored form various ad networks. The amount of ads shown is decent and sometimes it also irritates the users.
Thus they try to find APK of showbox
But there are not many sources where you can.
And most of them contains viruses and trojans which me steal your data and other personal information.
So it is always advised to download showbox from trusted sources
Like this one
showbox app android tablet
is available here you can download it from here.
Ending words
The ad free apk works fine without problems and makes your experience of using showbox even better.


Showbox for Android apk download – V5.35 latest version free download


Showbox apk

Here is the Showbox for Android latest version apk. Showbox is a free app to watch and download latest movies and TV shows over internet.

Showbox is a free android app for watching hundreds of movies and TV shows just by click of a button.
It is one the only app of its kind providing the best content for free.

Where can I get showbox for Android download link
There are many links out there for show box but most of them may be malicious and may harm you in many ways like stealing your data and installing malwares on your phones.
So finding Direct showbox for Android download  link is not at all easy so we did all the leg work and got the direct link for you.


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Click here to download showbox for Android apk

Is it safe to use showbox
Actually there are mixed answers on this
Some people say it is safe.
Some say it is not but according to me it is safe and no one wants to find you and Sue you for watching a movie online.
And practically it is not possible to do that because there are more than 10 million users of this app.
So you might use the app without thinking about going to prison.

Why showbox asks for location
many of us have seen this but have you ever wondered why showbox wants to know your location?
Some people says they gather the data of your location to know interest of people across the globe .
But some people say that they are tracking your location.
So that whenever a company wants to know your location they will provide the location.

What things you need to use showbox

To use showbox app you just need to use these
1. An android smartphone running on jellybean or any other versions above jellybean for using and watching the app
2. And internet connection wifi or android works. And it works without buffering on slow internet too.

4. 250 mb of storage and 1gb gb of ram
5. Optional Chromecast it is optional step to cast your screen on your TV or laptop for enhancing your experience.